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Activities and Agendas:

  1. Learning: Our club offers a range of educational opportunities, from workshops, Master classes and cultural Events, Trips to leadership summits and development Mentorship Programs. We believe that education & Support are the key to success and empowerment, and we strive to provide our members with the tools they need to succeed.

2. Connecting: Our club is a community of young Sikhs who share similar values and beliefs. Through our events and activities, members have the opportunity to build meaningful relationships and connect with like-minded peers.

3. Leadership: We believe that the future of our community lies in the hands of our youth. That why we offer leadership development programs to help young Sikhs hone their skills and become effective leaders. Our members have gone on to hold prominent positions within the Sikh community and beyond.

4. Entrepreneurship Workshops: The WYC will organize workshops that cover various aspects of entrepreneurship, such as business ideation, marketing, finance and product development. The workshops will be conducted by industry experts, entrepreneurs, and business professionals.

5. Networking Events: The WYC will organize networking events where young entrepreneurs can connect with mentors, investors, and industry professionals. The events will provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs to showcase their products and services, receive feedback, and establish business & personal friendly connections. 

6. Idea Generation Sessions: The WYC will organize sessions where young individuals can brainstorm and ideate new ideas collectively like a think tank. Discussing and identifying youth problems, and solving them. These sessions will be facilitated by mentors who will guide the participants through the ideation process and provide feedback and support.

7. Master Classes and Competitions: The WYC will organize Trending Career opportunities and competitions that challenge young individuals to develop innovative solutions to real-world problems. These events will provide an opportunity for participants to showcase their creativity and problem-solving skills and earn out of it with our Expertise & mentorship.

8. Guest Speaker Series: The WYC will organize guest speaker series where successful entrepreneurs and industry professionals share their experiences and insights with the youth. The series will provide an opportunity for participants to learn from the experiences of successful entrepreneurs and gain inspiration and motivation.

9. Mentorship Program: The WYC will establish a mentorship program where young entrepreneurs can receive guidance and support from experienced mentors. The program will connect young entrepreneurs with mentors who have expertise in their respective field and can provide advice and support throughout the entrepreneurial journey.

10. Career Counseling Day:- Inviting Parents and Children for Counseling from the top Industry – Academia Experts via WSCC.

11. Skill Development:- Equipping them with the most relevant required knowledgebase and skills for getting to high-level jobs or leading Positions

12. Embassy Visits – Better Exposure to international Surroundings

13. Internships/Jobs Connect with our Sikh Community

14. Cultural and Entertainment Events